ZU Testimonals


Jane Saunders "I am a new member of Zu, before i found Zu i felt real despair with the world but from the first night of my Zu experience i began to live again and have hope for humanity. Zu offers so much creative, visual, sensitive love, I have never met such an awesome place in all my travels. Everyone should have a Zu experience at least once in their life. LOVE YOU ZU xxx"
Sonya Taylor "probably the most beautiful group of people I have met with an inate awareness of kindness and joy a little miracle personified as a jewel in East Sussex, my favourate joint to dance, laugh, love and just BE !.....Quite like it then"


Francis Briers  " ZU studios is a place, a community, and a symbol. It makes a stand in the world for love, creativity, magic, playfulness, spirit and adventure. It is one of those rare places in a town which has within it a wildness that reminds us of the power of the natural world, like a beautiful park for the soul. It is a gateway to possibilities in the way it provides a home for music, learning, and art and in the sheer way that it's very existence seems to whisper 'But what if we could? What if we dared? What if anything was possible? How wild and wonderful might our dreams become?'
Thank you Martin, Samira and the rest of the wonderfolks who make ZU happen, it is a true and beautiful gift you offer to the world. With love, Francis"
Dan Warburton " Zu Studios is a collective group of people who continually work to create a better world for every one. This community deserves to be given financial backing to bring their ethos to it's other surrounding communities for I am sure that that have the ability to show local MP's what is truly possible with such an inspirational and unstoppable intent."
Montyoxymoron Milton "We couldn't believe what we walked into: like some kind of dream space; surely this place cannot exist in THIS "reality", it's just too good to be here!"
Charlotte Pulver "Zu saved my life.....And continues to restore, inspire, rejuvenate me on a profound level every time I go there. I live in London and travel to attend Zu gatherings and parties....and choose to go to no other place to party and join with community now. Seriously it is that good. There is no where in London which touches on the magic and incredible human service that Zu provides to the people of Lewes and the surrounding counties. I feel blessed to have found Zu. It truly is a gem."
Mark Golding " I have never walked through the doors at Zu and not been met with a genuine, warm and beautiful smile - maybe from a trapeze artiste, a storyteller, a sculptor, a dancer, a chef, a family, a minstrel or traveller. There is something about this place that you have to come and feel for yourself. This is alchemy... !"
Santiago Sartorius "Some time ago, I was looking for a studio, came from Brighton to check out the space, and found a man greeting me with a hug and a smile, and an open heart, it was Martin. Zu treated me with love, felt welcomed by every other artist, and immediately felt at home, a feeling that makes me feel
for ever grateful"
Chris Paradox "Tucked away in a quite corner of East Sussex there lies a Magical Matrix of Creative Consciousness called Zu Studios. Of the people, by the people, for the people Zu Studios is an inspirational reminder of that beautiful world we all know is possible. The connection, community, care, clarity, celebration and chutzpah that the Zu crew bring to every endeavour simply takes the breath away.
What makes Zu so special is, at one and the same time, grounded and transcendent, visceral and etheric, deady serious and hilariously fun. So when it comes to the Zu experience, these words are but fingers pointing to the moon. Never has the expression 'you had to be there' been more appropriate. It is quite simply my favourite place in the entire Galaxy to gather with other humans being."
Cara Mathia Brennan "Zu is Magic"
Dominique Dolloso "A magical melting pot of creativity ,love, warmth ,music , fun and laughter.......
an intoxicating mix !! "
Aaron Swartz "Following the sad end of my marriage, it was Zu that paved the road to recovery. How? Zu exudes the feeling of unconditional love . Each visit I was met with unequivocal and boundless joy . It was there that I met beautiful and open hearted people.
It is there that one knows that life is for LIVING and that NOTHING is impossible. I simply can't imagine life without Zu. My heart shatters at the idea of its disappearance....ZU = LOVE"
Riga Isabel Forbes "Zu Studios enriches the world and especially the world of East Sussex. People come to Zu from all over the place to connect, dance, learn, play, perform, teach, share, create and collaborate together in a joyous and liberating space.
The fact that this community space exists is something to cellebrate!! GO GO GO ZU STUDIOS!! x x x"
Tiggery P Okery "I was ill, really ill. Now I'm well, really well. I still struggle to understand and explain the huge role the people of Zu played in my recovery.
At Zu I learned to sing again, dance again, play again, love again. Thank you."
Jo Eales "Zu is the hub and heart of Lewes. I have never known a greater meeting place and community space than this in all the places i've lived and travelled in my life.
Zu is what makes Lewes special and such a welcoming community to live within and be a part of."
Ann O'keife  "A space of infinite dreams made real. Created by new born babies, seekers of truth and beauty and wise sages."


Jane Jyoti  "From my very first visit to Zu i was given a whole new lease of life, and my faith in humanity restored from the wonderful, creative, open hearted, lovely people i have met at Zu. Everybody should have a Zu experience at least once. Amazing people, place n space created for everyone.


Jessica May Rose Langton "Simply the most magical venue around. A portal into a delightful underworld of creative beauty and open hearted learning."


Tiffany Bear "A place I felt instantly at home, part of the family, included and valued. Somewhere I feel inspired by the wealth of creativity and talent, sense of community and will to make to World a better fairer greener place."


Daisy Bruce "A beautiful place that encourages me to dream more wildly and express myself more fully...Thankyou for this creative, gorgeous space x"


Jez Le Fèvre "Zu is an ongoing experiment in community expression which began back in 2005 and has seen different incarnations encompassing festival spaces and creative collectives. The essence of Zu is about personal responsibility, supportive relational community, sensitivity to beauty all wrapped up in a making things happen - We are the ones we have been waiting for."


Ryan Akward "its the chance we needed for our circus troupe to grow, its the place where something new catches my eye everyday, its the space full of smiley faces and kindness, its the platform to refine our performances, helped by wandering kittys! i smile so much everytime i take a new person round to see our studio, the delight at a rocket ship hanging, or cooking pots and pans banging, a cup of tea with bees. its a space made from the purest of intentions. "


Christine le Nahedic  "Zu is the place so many have been waiting for xxx"


Morgan Nichols "creativity, love, magic and belonging x"


Tara Love Perry "Zu is a magical, mystery wonderland for grown-ups. A safe haven for creative exploration, wild fun and frivolous flamboyant indulgence, interwoven with deeply rich and spiritual nourishment.
A loveland paradise."


Daniel Brooks "Zu is the true essence of community. It matters little where one is in the world, one always knows that Zu is with you."


Peter Feltham "The first time I visited Zu was to see a band I love play. Other than them i knew nobody. Never have i felt more welcomed in all my travels. By the time i left I had made some new and dear friends, received many hugs and was on top of the world. Thankyou Zu. Thankyou all the Zubies. - who are a real Community who look after their own. Even strangers. And thankyou Samira and Monsieur Mahdi Le Mu for their creativity, open-heartedness and for being two remarkable and lovely humans. Love you guys x"



Rose Richardson " Its the place that I can come with my amazing 'disabled' daughter and be welcomed and held whilst her soul soars and shimmers to phenomenal music. Its the place that I can come to alone and feel home and love and belonging. Its a rare and beautiful gift which makes a wonderful town even better."


Julie Devine "It is the most beautiful creative hub of wonderful souls of all ages..So comfortable and welcoming."


Sparkie Malarkie "A happy place."


Rafa El "A zu is truth.. zu is magic.. zu is challenge.. zu is healing.. zu is family.. zu is tribe.. zu is mirror.. zu is communion.. zu is love.. zu is freedom to be what u want to be.. xx ...and of course.. zu is MUSIC!"
Leora Honeyman "Zu has been a lifeline for me, most of all when my son was new on earth and his Dad having to work away from home and Zu itself was still a baby. I would come bring him to parties and events where we were both embraced as family and tribe. Without this connection I would have felt so isolated. It is always there as a space of love and magic and I am so grateful. Thank-you! This springs to mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0LOqB69_1M - Ive always found reconnection there. Big Love Zuvuya xxx



Julia Fairfax "A wonderful opportunity to be with like minded souls where judgement is suspended, where creativity and unconditional love, fun and play and incredible music are positively encouraged and where soul food is in plentiful supply."
Marcus RanjitBaby "Zu is the most magical and precious little gem hiding in the most unlikely of places. It's like a cosmic ship floating in its own Universe, captained by the incredible Martin & Samira, serving up the local community with love and wonder!"
Sparkie Malarkie "My favourite place to Dj and hope to once again x"
Alison David Vocalist "A place full of characters and individuals who blend beautifully together where you can dance and drink herbal tea at the same time. Full of creative people and ideas on how to live your life creatively."
Maz Capone "I love Zu, it nourishes my heart & soul, & fires up my whole being. It is so, due to the community of open hearted people who bring so many amazing talents & gifts into the mix, & especially to those who dedicate their love & creativity into making this space available to all. Zu is canvas of possibility for human evolution & potential, a place where we may come together & celebrate the goodness in life & each other. Blessings Martin & Samira & a huge thank you for your vision & love xxxx"
Mary L Murphy "A unique enriching experience filled with beautiful, kind hearted, loving, progressive opportunities and people, an exciting place to be and a wonderful time to be there. Thank you Zu."
Rex Brangwyn "The best nights of dancing, music, fun, deep playfulness, authentic connection, wild creativity, loving vibes, and quiet sofa times……….Zu, thank you for lighting up my life and giving me and my loved ones so much to remember and look forward to. LOVE YOU! Rexxx"