Zu has touched and improved the lives of thousands and could do so much more in the future, with your support:


• Being able to support more arts projects and community projects, especially for local kids.


• Creating a pay-it-forward fund, for the many people in need who come through our door, from people with life-threatening illnesses who can't afford supplementary nutrition to people who have a sudden loss such as a house fire, to soon-to-be parents who can't afford a doula and so much more... We fundraise as much as we can to ask the community network to step forward but we know we can do so much more. It would be wonderful to have a dedicated fund to support people at their moment of need.


• Rendering random acts of kindness and giving back to the greater community, whether through guerilla gardening or simply offering unexpected gifts that spread the love.


• Continuing to improve and develop Zu Studios on many levels.