Huge thanks to each and every Zu Member for your support!


Membership is now closed as we no longer have a venue to run events... if this changes we'll let you know!


If you are still paying a membership fee you need to cancel your end by contacting paypal by phone. Paypal automatically cancels all subscriptions 6 months after they are started so if your membership is older than 6 months you will not be paying it. We can not stop your payment our end and do not give refunds with this but if anyone doesn't cancel we are very grateful for every pound to help store the equipment while we find a way forwards for Zu.


We are hugely grateful for the opportunity we had to create this space of love, inpiration and creativity in this extraordinary building and especially grateful for everyone who became involved. So many wonderful things have developed from the last 8 years and a community has grown which is evolving in so many ways.


We are excited to see the unfolding of the next evolution of the Zuvuya!