Martin Thomas

For the last eight years, Zu has been Martin Thomas' principal creative outlet, where he has designed and crafted every room with loving and lavish detail. Martin is a master craftsman who has turned ordinary rooms into heavenly spaces with bespoke furniture that speaks of the sacred nature with which it was made. On display throughout Zu are many stunning pieces of his woodwork featuring his signature Fibonacci curves.

•  w: www.mahdi_mu.co.uk  •


Samira Harris

It is impossible to imagine what Samira Harris will create next, because the spinning wheel of her creativity spans drawing, painting, performance, installation, illustration, writing and coordinating large-scale projects. From a 90-page illustrated cartoon book in rhyme to 1000 butterflies hanging in the air to poems about lucid dreaming, everything Samira undertakes is done to the point of perfection, with an almost obsessive care for detail.

•  w: www.samiraharris.com  •


Carl Sullivan

Carl Sullivan is an animator, VJ, designer and model-maker, amongst other things. His main labour of love has been a seven-year project working towards creating a children’s show called The Pleebles. Having a studio at Zu (since the very beginning) has given him both the space and time to grow a miniature subtropical island for his 64 cartoon characters to inhabit. He’s grown over 80 Pleeble homes so far and is now focusing on interiors, the finer detail, storylines and weaving it all together. He also plans to create a children’s book by the end of the year. He also created this Zu website – and hopes you like it!

•  w: www.pleebles.com  •  e: carlyouri@hotmail.com  •


Stephen Meakin

"Love is my reference and that’s the point of my art. I have to express this love to you! These are 'roses from my soul' and if you see beauty and wonderment in my paintings, that is because you can see part of yourself, like in a mirror you see something you know, something totally cosmic is reflected back at you. For example, have you ever felt beyond our dissonance? Have you experienced how we are all connected? Do you feel in a tangible and very real way that we are all a part of each other, our planet and the Universe?”


Stephen Meakin sincerely believes that all are related and he expresses the joy of this revelation in his stunning paintings. He presents the art of interconnectedness as paintings about the structure of ideas. His work is finely tuned to the vibrations of our time and reflects he inspired art of Sacred Geometry. He creates in the light of sacred traditions North, East, South and West, and draws inspiration from nature. Just as Spirit is in leaves, flowers, bees, sunsets, rivers and just as the ancient Britons, Greeks and Egyptians did, he works from the idea that geometry and ratio represent the archetypal language of creation.

•  w: www.themandalacompany.com  •


Helen Hockin

“My work is about mystery, ancient links with our past and where art originated and how it grew into what we create today.”


Helen Hockin studied Fine Art at the Bath Academy of Art and has been working as an artist in Sussex for over twenty years. Three years ago, she moved into Zu Studios and set up her materials to create mysterious and wonderful things. She has always been fascinated by museums and has created her own Museum of Curiosity. In 2012, she worked collaboratively with Wrights & Sites on their Signs & Wonders performance piece to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials.

•  w: www.helenhockin.blogspot.com  •


Rachael Linton, Mdes

Rachael Linton is a freelance gilder and digital artist. In 2008 she established Sound Vision Studio Ltd, a bespoke Art and Design service, offering gilding and graphic design, as well as digital performance design and installation. As a gilder, Rachael works in both oil and water traditions to decorate furniture, onsite architecture and artwork. (Gilding is the art of laying pure gold and other precious metals such palladium, white- and moon-gold, copper and silver.) Commissions for Verre églomisé (gilding on glass) are warmly welcomed. 


Trained in 3D Animation, Rachael embarked in 2008 on her Masters in Digital Media at Massey University in New Zealand, her (other) homeland. Her thesis explored the artistic and interactive ways we might use digital media as film therapy. She directed and produced Sound Vision, an 18-minute movie delving into visual imagery and sounds that interact therapeutically with human perception. In 2013 she directed a digital performance installation entitled Sounds Holographic at Zu Studios, for the Soul Dome, a 360° immersive cinema. She collaborated with Rowan Sterk to produce the film Eon Solace in 2013. Eon Solace and Sound Vision toured with the Soul Dome Cinema to many festivals throughout the UK, including Phoenix Fayre, Brighton Digital and Mind Body Spirit Festivals. Creating live digital interactive artwork is her passion.

•  w: www.SoundVisionStudio.co.uk  •  

•  e: soundvisiondesign@gmail.com  •  t: 07881-047-100  •


Neffie Pinwheel

From knitting to whittling, Neffie Pinwheel loves to up-cycle junk to make objects of curiosity. She is often found tinkering away in The Mikto Valley, a studio built and shared with the wonderful Lexa Fox from reclaimed doors and beams. To see what wonders have been created recently, have a peek at her FaceBook page.

•  fb: TheMiktoValley  •


Lexa Fox

“In the wilderness, I am reunited with the raw essence of my being; I feel all that it is to be alive. I take my experiences in nature and allow them to merge with my imagination to form dreamscape realities that I immerse myself in, in order to create.”


Both as an artist and a musician, Lexa Fox takes inspiration from nature – the trees, the creatures and the changing seasons, as well as from her memories. Although she has a background in theatre and performance art, Lexa currently works with ink illustrations and felt creations, as well as songwriting on an acoustic guitar. She is also in the process of starting up an art and crafts collective, bringing artists together to co-create The Mikto Valley, an imaginary land of spectacular and strange creatures that produce myriad wondrous crafts. Lexa welcomes illustration and craft commissions.

•  fb: TheMiktoValley  •


Maja Prausnitz Hendrickson

Recently seen working through the night to edit and lay-out the inaugural issue of the Phoenix Arts Quarterly, Maja Prausnitz Hendrickson has 20 years of experience as an editor, proofreader, copy-editor and project manager. While Co-Director at Black Spring Press, a small literary publishing company, she published Nick Cave, Carolyn Cassady, Leonard Cohen and Kyril Bonfiglioli, among  others. As London Editor of Gargoyle Magazine, she edited, produced and promoted the UK half of the transatlantic, maverick literary journal. As Programming Coordinator at Apples & Snakes Poetry, a national charity promoting performance poetry on stage and in schools, Maja programmed and staged 25+ regular shows a year, plus special productions and national tours. For A&S’ 21st anniversary celebrations, she compiled and edited Velocity, a major anthology featuring the work of over 100 international artists, and put 25 of them onstage at the South Bank Centre for a massive, sold-out literary production. A newly minted Zubian, Maja hopes to develop her freelance work as an editor, proof-reader, copy-editor, project manager and independent retailer.

•  e: maja@prausnitz.com  •  fb: maja.hendrickson  •



From playing the piano and making intricate line-drawings to voraciously reading fat novels and cramming his head full of science and maths, it’s clear that Django is far more than simply the off- spring of his rather weird parents – he’s a complex and multi-faceted kid. He's also a dedicated baseball player and Boston Red Sox fan, a focused pitcher with ice in his veins. He loves Haribo sweets, video games and hanging out with his friends.

He also loves his Elephant...


Jared Louche

“I believe creativity should be fun, fascinating and exhilarating while also spurring us to explore the Unknown because that’s where great art lives and whence great artists come. Art might never change the world, but I’ve watched it change individuals. Through active creativity we gain the confidence to discover who we are, the strength to explore who we could become and the insight to better understand what it really means to be human in this confusing and stimulating age.”


Jared Louche is a musician, poet, performer, writer, storyteller and workshop facilitator. He runs creative writing and creative thinking workshops in schools, universities, museums, prisons, art galleries, libraries, pupil referral units and hospitals. He’s worked with the Tate, Guys Hospital, the Barbican, the National Gallery, the Wellcome Trust, the British Council and many others.  


In another guise, Jared is a singer and rock star with the successful American underground band, Chemlab. He’s recorded more than a dozen CDs, including Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar, which is widely recognised as an influential and seminally important Industrial record. He has toured extensively, supporting bands like Nine Inch Nails and KMFDM. In addition, he’s an occasional painter, avid photographer and creator of sculptural installations with the international arts group Art Attack. Oh, and he’s a published and often anthologised author…  

•  fb: jared.louche  •  e: jaredlouche@hotmail.com 


Fade fx

Fade is an internationally recognized tattoo artist. She tattoos at conventions and guests in many studios across the globe. Fade has gained a big following and is highly regarded, often appearing in magazines such as Skin Deep, Total Tattoo and Tattoo Master. She specialises in dotwork and geometrics and is competent in all tattoo styles including Japanese, traditional, blackwork, colour realism and portraits. Her main focus is on large custom pieces. Fade also specialises in the traditional Borneo hand-tapped tattoo method, one of a handful worldwide that still practices this technique.


Fade was recently joined in her tattoo business by Rosie Komorowski, who has a great imagination for anything from simple to obscure designs, from script-writing to black & grey tattoos. Rosie also has a unique style, specialising in abstract and macabre artwork. Custom tattoo designs and consultations are free.

•  w: www.fadefxtattoo.com  •


Clive Hedger

Clive Hedger was born in 1961 in London. From an early age, he wanted to really know himself. He embarked upon an unconven-tional path, which led him to study in depth a variety of meditation, spiritual and physical practices that worked with mind, body and soul. He began painting in 2007, after completing a five-day darkness retreat. He had no formal training and began painting using acrylics. His inspiration came from his relationship with the earth, honeybees, shamanism and the sacred. He has recently begun using the medium of egg tempera, with oil glazing (mixed technique), which helps to expand the visionary quality of his work.


Mark Golding

“Illuminated and incremental soul alchemist, working with kaleidoscopic and iridescent optical geometries. Following the tradition of illuminated manuscripts, as a means of accessing source and place of origin, whilst using the subtle communication of interspatial energy, organic sacred geometry, colour and light that becomes a healing magic.”


Mark Golding’s work takes a unique form and manner of visual engagement and sensory activation. He is highly disciplined, accurate and precise with his work, and wishes to navigate, explore and record the unexplored, and represent the invisible. He has, in his time, been a hospital chaplain, poet, author, meditation teacher, dealer in antiques, art historian and collector of old gemstones.

•  w: www.markgolding.co.uk  •


Daniel Mirante

Daniel Mirante is an artist, teacher and writer who lives in the UK but teaches and exhibits internationally. He began painting in 2004 and is self-taught, with a strong tendency toward the mythic, symbolic, visionary and fairytale. In 2012 Daniel apprenticed with Ernst Fuchs, a contemporary of Dali and the leading artist of Fantastic Realism, whilst working with the founding faculty to create the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. In 2013 he and Judith Way created www.artpilgrim.org, which holds art retreats and courses to support the emergence of a new sacred art within the UK.

•  w: www.danielmirante.tumblr.com  •


Yvonne McGillivray

Yvonne McGillivray’s large, luminous paintings glow with secrets and show a deep reverence for the magic and mystery of creation and the interconnectedness of all life. Much of her work shows the inter-relationship of humanity with the plant, animal and spirit realms, blending the microscopic and macrocosmic worlds into a unique, colourful presence, where ancient, primal magic blends with vibrant new frequencies. Working in a very intuitive way, images are channeled directly onto the canvas, bringing forms into mani- festation that shapeshift across the canvas and connect us to the sacred ways of nature, spirit, truth and beauty. She finds new ways of sharing visions and inspiring others on the path of healing and transformation, wholeness and celebration. Yvonne’s inspiration comes through dreams and visions, shamanic journeying, nature, music and sound, from inner worlds and rich life experiences. 

•  w: www.creatrixx.org  •


Darryl Black

Darryl Black’s passion is creating unique, handmade, up-cycled clothing for those who dare to be different and have a style conscience. She loves to dream up a second life for old threads, by crafting feisty festival finery, stunning show-stoppers and wild wooly wonders. Darryl creates one-of-a-kind pieces of patch-worked and appliquéd knitwear and accessories from recycled and up-cycled materials, silk dresses and tops from vintage silk scarves and other garments from whatever else she finds to deconstruct and give a new lease of life to.

•  w: www.darrylblack.com  •  fb: DarrylBlackClothing  •


Leora Honeyman

Leora Honeyman’s aim is to create portals of love and light.

•  w: www.leorahoneyman.com  •


Cara Mathia Brennan

"I try to capture the magic, colour and wonder of our world through photography, painting, jewelry and other media."


Cara Mathia Brennan has been designing jewelry since the age of eleven. After completing her degree in Visual and Performing Arts in Nottingham, she travelled abroad to source interesting, unique stones and beads. She incorporates the seven Chakra stones in her work to help balance the seven Chakras. She always uses high-quality stones and metals, as well as unusual beads and Swarovski crystal. She sells her work nationally and internationally and has been featured in Marie Claire.


Cara also specialises in travel photography. She has travelled extensively and loves to capture the colour and beauty of the world and its people. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and featured on CD album covers. Cara is a diverse artist who also produces ceramics, paintings and environmental public art.

•  t: 07980-312-010  •  e: caramathiabrennan@gmail.com  •